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I regularly attend conferences and tech events around London and elsewhere. I keep my Lanyrd schedule up to date.

  1. Full Frontal 2014

    Brighton, United Kingdom, United Kingdom, 7 November 2014
  2. The O'Reilly Velocity Conference

    Barcelona, Spain, Spain, 17 November 2014
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  • 1y
  • Monday25 Feb 201301:00 London time

    Eek, TED talk video is up. Will post a link in the morning when I'm feeling brave.

  • 08:54 London time

    Here's the link to my TEDx appearance:

  • 08:56 London time

    That may come as old news to several people who can apparently use Google.

  • 11:26 London time

    Like, TED or whatever.

  • 12:27 London time

    The TEDx event I spoke at was conceived, organised and run by five A-level students at St Pauls School. I was impressed.

  • Tuesday26 Feb 201321:22 London time

    Keyboard cleaning binge. Suspicions that @andrewsmatt is shady confirmed by strong evidence that he uses the § key regularly.

  • Thursday28 Feb 201314:15 London time

    En route to the mothership for some fancy meetings. I even remembered my security pass this time.

  • 19:28 London time

    FT security revoked my building pass, apparently because I wasn't using it enough, or maybe they just don't like me.

  • 22:09 London time

    Russian visa application. What a splendid website this is.

  • 22:34 London time

    "List all the countries you have visited in the last TEN YEARS, with date and purpose of visit". Seriously?

  • Friday1 Mar 201314:41 London time

    Best writeup I've seen so far of Edge from The Guardian's dev blog, by @patrickhamann:

  • Saturday2 Mar 201317:33 London time

    Kinetica Art Fair. Some amazing art, but it's a little expensive. And impractical.

  • 13d
  • Friday15 Mar 201313:53 London time

    My home Internet connection has finally joined the 21st century. 76Mbps down, 8.5 up, 17ms ping. Good enough for now, BT.

  • Saturday16 Mar 201318:02 London time

    FT Labs is hiring a team admin. Would suit people who like writing lists. In git.

  • 23:21 London time

    Learning about payday loans to help a friend. Shocked to find I agree with Wonga that APR calc makes no sense.

  • Tuesday19 Mar 201320:32 London time

    Reading a requirements brief that calls for 'single sing on'. Solo karaoke?

  • 4d
  • Saturday23 Mar 201300:06 London time

    Finally saw @jaffathecake and @paul_kinlan's show on web perf. Great tips and the jumper is a bonus.

  • 00:17 London time

    Wish we would stop talking about 'mobile' though. Or at least agree on what the sodding thing means.

  • Sunday24 Mar 201315:58 London time

    "As if our chocolate wasn't enough" - my new favourite cookie privacy notice, well done @HotelChocolat

  • 15:59 London time

    Though they did ruin it slightly with a 'click here' link.

  • 17:28 London time

    if you happen to be idly thinking you might set fire to £70, wait!! I found an easter egg you can buy me.

  • Monday25 Mar 201323:10 London time

    Will be speaking at @bdconf and @cndigitalday in April, then @velocityconf in June. Lots of prep to do!

  • 4d
  • Friday29 Mar 201308:54 London time
  • Saturday30 Mar 201313:04 London time

    Breakfast in Rotterdam, lunch in Hamburg, dinner in Copenhagen. It's a continental buffet.

  • 19:23 London time

    Copenhagen. Via a train that went on a BOAT.

  • 19:53 London time

    Express train from Hamburg to Copenhagen just casually trundled onto a BOAT. What dark arts are these?!

  • Tuesday2 Apr 201322:15 London time

    Exceptionally proud of the @ftlabs team for creating the all new FT web app. This is an astonishing piece of web engineering.

  • Wednesday3 Apr 201319:36 London time

    There comes a time when you really just have to stop cocking about and just delete sixty million rows.

  • 21:55 London time

    Attempting to form a knee jerk, ill informed opinion about Blink, but nothing's coming to me.

  • Thursday4 Apr 201319:10 London time

    My new wristwatch arrived! I've installed the software, connected with Facebook and installed a firmware update. Soon I'll know the time.

  • Friday5 Apr 201307:46 London time

    That @MayorofLondon is installing a Boris Bike dock *eighteen metres* from my house. Nice work Boris.

  • Saturday6 Apr 201307:14 London time

    Hmm, Deutsche Bahn appears to have decided to wipe the Netherlands off the map #awkward

  • 09:11 London time

    Leaving London for @bdconf in hopefully warm and sunny Florida. Flying via Toronto. Yes, Toronto. I can do this travel thing.

  • 10:50 London time

    Flying with Air Canada, so flight takes twice as long because first we have to do the flight in English and then again in French.

  • Sunday7 Apr 201314:34 London time

    Delegates or speakers arriving early for @bdconf today in Orlando - want to meet for lunch?

  • Monday8 Apr 201300:00 London time

    Presented a session at Breaking Development 2013: Orlando

  • 12:27 London time

    Early morning swim before @bdconf starts.

  • Tuesday9 Apr 201321:47 London time

    #bdconf done! Now rehearsing my talk for @cndigitalday and preparing for a mad dash to Moscow tomorrow morning.

  • 22:34 London time

    My hotel room phone at @gaylordpalms has a "consider it done" button. Pressed it. No-one answered. Having to consider doing it myself.

  • Wednesday10 Apr 201319:18 London time

    Hello New York. We meet again. Let's try and keep this civil.

  • Thursday11 Apr 201300:00 London time

    Presented a session at Condé Nast Digital Day

  • 10:04 London time

    At Conde Nast conference in Moscow, where I am the least fashionable person present by a distance measured in light years.

  • 10:09 London time

    This is serious. Three video walls, simultaneous translation and apparently they're live streaming it as well. Gulp.

  • Friday12 Apr 201316:09 London time

    The new responsive, content first article pages from Wired: Nice job @CondeNastCorp.

  • Saturday13 Apr 201307:53 London time

    Popping out to the Kremlin.

  • Sunday14 Apr 201321:37 London time

    Back in the UK courtesy of a very efficient first experience of Aeroflot.

  • 6d
  • Saturday20 Apr 201317:32 London time

    Washed the dog. Now I think we both need a week off to recover.

  • Tuesday23 Apr 201308:34 London time

    Video from Breaking Development conf now online (including mine, but don't let that stop you).

  • Friday26 Apr 201312:40 London time

    Fish and chips in the @ftlabs office. We thought we needed to buy ketchup but then we realised we had open sauce already.

  • 12:41 London time

    That joke from @uxtremist, obviously.

  • 6d
  • Thursday2 May 201310:41 London time

    They said we should move the FT web app into the cloud, so there you are then. Marvellous.

  • 21:33 London time

    Nonchalantly using the circle line in a non tourist capacity.

  • Saturday4 May 201318:42 London time

    London people: anyone fancy seeing iron man 3 this evening / tomorrow?

  • Monday6 May 201319:54 London time

    "Discuss issues around mobile"? Well, I guess, but wouldn't a meeting table be more conventional?

  • Wednesday8 May 201312:40 London time

    So, based on a study conducted under rigorous scientific conditions, @codepo8 is more likely to reply to email containing cat pictures.

  • 12:41 London time

    text-overflow: ellipsis only works on single lines of text, right? Not any more.

  • 18:54 London time

    If you're a test engineer, come and work for @ftlabs. We have things wot need testing. Thanks.

  • Thursday9 May 201308:38 London time

    Lots of talk this morning about detecting mouse/touch being hard and that you shouldn't do it anyway. Don't agree.

  • 08:39 London time

    The whole point of prog enhancement is to adapt to the user need, and that includes what input tech they're using.

  • Saturday11 May 201319:08 London time

    Good explanation of appcache replacement from @slightlylate, worth a read. (Long. You'll need supplies)

  • Sunday12 May 201312:12 London time

    Everyone seems very keen on Dan Brown bashing all of a sudden. Has he written another novel or something?

  • Monday13 May 201309:07 London time

    Reading about new Google Universal analytics. Will "change the way business uses data"

  • 10:28 London time

    Google Analytics has two pricing tiers: Free, and $150,000. Quite a step.

  • Thursday16 May 201315:38 London time

    Air ambulance just landed right outside FT HQ. On the road. In the middle of Southwark Bridge.

  • Saturday18 May 201311:13 London time

    Good to see Sweden has a sense of humour.

  • 19:32 London time

    Turns out Eurovision is immeasurably improved by twitter.

  • 19:42 London time

    Quite like Moldova so far. Fiery. #eurovision

  • 20:14 London time

    Romania. Perfect Eurovision song. We've vote for it if we didn't know we'd have to hear it again.

  • 20:19 London time

    Andrew Is he going on to a toga party later? #eurovision

  • 20:26 London time

    My American Eurovision watching buddy just called it 'Hungaria' #eurovision

  • 20:29 London time

    Dare I say it, I like this one. Go Denmark!! Ahem. #eurovision

  • 21:14 London time

    Norway, Denmark or Romania would be worthy winners. Gf disagrees, and is wrong. #eurovision

  • 21:26 London time

    I'm not convinced he put that rubbish in the right bin #eurovision

  • 21:41 London time

    Did everyone just notice the bug in the scoreboard? #eurovision

  • 21:54 London time

    Sweden certainly deserve some credit here for bringing some nice scandinavian efficiency to the voting process. #eurovision

  • 21:56 London time

    Tip to national vote announcers: the longer you're on, the more of a prat you look. Hello, points, sod off. That's the format. #eurovision

  • 22:11 London time

    I see France has elected to announce their votes in French again. #eurovision

  • 22:16 London time

    Are Montenegro using Skype? #eurovision

  • Monday20 May 201322:05 London time

    Bikram Yoga. Mental. I may never move again.

  • Tuesday21 May 201321:39 London time

    I won this at the FT Hack Day! Taking it home on the tube is proving to be interesting.

  • Wednesday22 May 201311:09 London time

    It really is GIF with a hard G though, in case you're confused.

  • 22:15 London time

    Twitter introduces two factor authentication - great news.

  • Thursday23 May 201313:40 London time

    I am rubbish at Social meeja.

  • 13:41 London time

    Complete technical teardown of the new FT web app by @wilsonpage, well worth a read. (now with correct link!)

  • 6d
  • Wednesday29 May 201316:45 London time

    So the FT was hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army. Here's how they did it, and, in their words, why.

  • Saturday1 Jun 201315:26 London time

    This does not make me want to visit Norwich.

  • Monday3 Jun 201316:30 London time

    In Manchester for #MoMoMcr native vs HTML5 debate. Got trounced by team native in London so am hoping northerners are more webby.

  • 4d
  • Friday7 Jun 201312:19 London time

    Doing clever web stuff? Can get to NYC for September 23rd? Got $100? You need to be here:

  • Saturday8 Jun 201322:33 London time

    SFO baggage handlers: I've now watched the welcome to America video eight times while waiting for my bag. I assure you that's sufficient.

  • Monday10 Jun 201302:06 London time

    San Francisco.

  • 8d
  • Tuesday18 Jun 201300:00 London time

    Presented a session at Velocity 2013

  • 4m
  • Tuesday22 Oct 201300:00 London time

    Presented a session at Web Directions South 2013

  • 20d
  • Monday11 Nov 201300:00 London time

    Presented a session at QCon San Francisco 2013

  • Wednesday13 Nov 201300:00 London time

    Presented a session at Velocity Europe 2013

  • 20d
  • Tuesday3 Dec 201300:00 London time

    Presented a session at Hacks/Hackers San José

  • 3m
  • Monday3 Mar 201400:00 London time

    Presented a session at QCon London 2014

  • 7w
  • Friday25 Apr 201400:00 London time

    Presented a session at QCon Beijing 2014

  • 5d
  • Wednesday30 Apr 201400:00 London time

    Presented a session at QCon Tokyo 2014

  • Thursday1 May 201400:00 London time

    Presented a session at Frontrend Extend

  • 15d
  • Friday16 May 201400:00 London time

    Presented a session at jQuery UK 2014

Career history

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  • -: BSc Information Systems, Brunel University

    Achieved a first class honours in Information Systems, and additionally a distinction in the Brunel Diploma of Professional Development.

  • -: Software engineer, Reapers, Zimbabwe

    Hired for a two month contract to develop and deploy a mission-critical national inventory management and logistics system for an agricultural company in Zimbabwe, resilient to dubious telecommunications infrastructure and frequent power outages. Working with local suppliers and users across the country I designed and built a simple, inexpensive distributed system with no single point of failure.

  • -: Intranet developer, National Air Traffic Services

    I worked at the UK's air traffic control service to upgrade Intranet based communications tools and improve workflow within geographically disparate business units and remote radar stations.

  • -: Owner, Assanka

    My software development consultancy, founded in 2003. We use web technologies in innovative ways. In 2005 we built the first UK property search site to use map based search. In 2006 we built one of the first real time live blogging sites, which we went on to win two Webby awards for in 2008. In 2011, we released the world's first major HTML5 newspaper site for the Financial Times.

  • -: Technical Director, OnOneMap

    Responsible for leading development of OnOneMap, a UK property search engine map using Google Maps and featuring around 600,000 property listings for sale and rent. We were acquired by dotHomes in September 2008 and I left after the acquisition.

  • onwards: Director, FT Labs

    The division of the FT born out of the acquisition of Assanka in January 2012, we focus on developing new way sof reading the FT using emerging web technologies.

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