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  • AMP: breaking news

    Google has made much of their Accelerated Mobile Pages project as a solution to bloated websites and frustrated users. But could AMP actually be bad news for the web, bad news for news, and part of a trend of news distribution that is bad for society in general?

  • The best of Google I/O 2016

    Serviceworker step by step, CSS containment, credentials and payment APIs, animation techniques, devtools improvements… Google I/O dropped so much web content this year I took a full month to catch up with even a fraction of it. If anything this shows just how fast the web is flying today. I put together some highlights.

  • First steps with Google Inbox

    Google Inbox is a glimpse into the future of email. I love the way it wades through mountains of content and pulls out the important bits. I like thinking less about messages and more about tasks. It’s not clever enough yet, but when it is, I’m sold.